Using Our Own Lesson Plans


While we are building for artists, art teachers, and art students, you could also say that is for ourselves too!

Last week I was trying to think of what project I wanted to do for my RISD Project Open Door class.  During the fall semester, we did a chipboard sculpture project, a scratchboard project, a portrait drawing project with crayons, and a rubber stamp project so far this year. I try to keep the curriculum for that course really diverse, so that the students experience a wide range of media.

I started brainstorming the next project by a process of elimination: I didn’t want to jump into a long term 3D project, and we had already done plenty of drawing in the fall.


Collage by Lauryn Welch

I wanted a 2D project that would be a good contrast against these other projects.  Then I remembered the Painted Paper Collage project that Lauryn wrote for Her project was exactly what I was looking for.  The project introduced collage and painting, two areas that my students hadn’t done in my class until that point.  I had found my project, and I sure didn’t have to look far!


I love that here I am, using my own website as a lesson plan resource for my own classes. This isn’t the first time either. One of my staff asked me a month ago whether I had a rough cut of our upcoming gouache painting tutorial, because they were going to be teaching a lesson on gouache and wanted a refresher on the technique.

If our tiny staff of 7 artists needs the lesson plans on, surely there is a need for our site in the world!


Collage by Cindy Qiao is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.


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