Art Portfolio Video Critiques

Prof Clara Lieu offers 30 minute video critiques on art portfolios of 8-20 artworks for a fee of $85 USD, with a turnover rate of 8 business days, after receiving all required materials. For rush critiques, the fee is $150 USD for 2 business days.

We offer 2 types of critiques:

1) Critiques for students working on a portfolio for art school admission.
As an adjunct professor at RISD for over a decade, Prof Lieu knows what students need to prepare in order to do well at the college or graduate level. Through her additional teaching with the RISD Pre-College Program and RISD Project Open Door,  she has helped many students develop their portfolios for college. If you’re just getting started, we recommend reading this article about how to prepare a portfolio. Below is a sample video, see more on our Youtube:

2) Critiques for artists of any age, background, or experience.
Having worked and exhibited as a professional artist for over 15 years, Prof Lieu has expertise in evaluating portfolios at all different levels of experience.   Whether you are just getting started, or already exhibiting your work professionally, she can provide advice for how to progress with your artwork according to your personal goals. Below is a sample video, see more videos on my Youtube channel:

Each video critique will:

1) Provide a detailed assessment of your overall art portfolio.
2) Discuss specific concerns on each individual artwork.
3) Highlight what aspects are working well.
4) Recommend concrete strategies for how to make improvements.

Prof Lieu will be honest, constructive, and candid in these critiques. Expect your critique to be tough and forthright. We are well aware that it is not always easy to hear that you need to make major changes in your artwork.  However, keep in mind that the objective of the critique is to provide you with an expert opinion of how your portfolio will hold up in the highly competitive college admissions process or in the rigorous expectations of the professional art world.


1) Contact
Email Prof Lieu at clara(at) to express your interest.

2) Payment
The fee for a video critique within 8 business days is $85 USD. (Rush critiques, which are completed in 2 business days, are $150 USD) We will send you a payment request to your email through Paypal.  You do not need a Paypal account for your payment to be processed, Paypal accepts credit card, cash, or check.

3) Submit your artwork & written statement
1. Email Prof Lieu a short statement about who you are, what your experience has been, any concerns you have, and what your short term and long term goals are as an artist. The more you tell us about yourself, the more equipped we will be to provide effective insight.

2. Create a folder labeled with your first and last name in Google Drive or DropBox, and then upload JPG files of 8-20 artworks  into that folder. Please do not submit more than 20 artworks, if you do, Prof Lieu will select 20 artworks to critique. For each 2D artwork, please submit only 1 JPG file.  For 3D artworks, you can submit 1-3 JPG files for each 3D artwork.

3. Label each JPG file with a number. Please format the numbers like this: “001.jpg.” , “002.jpg”, “003.jpg”

4.  Add text to each JPG file with the media and size of the artwork.
Example: “oil on canvas, 18″ x 24.”  In Google Drive, you can add a description to each file. In DropBox, you can add a comment to each file.

5. Share your folder in Google Drive or DropBox to clara(at)  Once you have submitted a portfolio to that meets the requirements for 8-20 artworks, your payment becomes non-refundable.

4) Receiving your video critique
1.  We will email you to confirm receipt of your portfolio link and your payment.

2. Upon receipt of both your portfolio link, written statement, and payment, Prof Lieu will complete your video critique within 8 business days. Rush critiques are finished within 2 business days.

3. When your video critique is complete, we will grant you access to view the video on Google Drive. Sharing, copying, and downloading of your video will be disabled.

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