Art Dares

Art Prof February Art Dare

Our monthly Art Dares are a wonderful starting point where the destination is in your hands! Art Dares are a terrific way to try something new, and for those of you building a portfolio for art school admission, doing an Art Dare is a great way to add pieces to your portfolio. For each Art Dare, we provide tips, written columns, tutorials, and more to help you with your submission.

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Each month, we assign a topic for you to respond to with an artwork. We give out prizes in several categories for artists of all ages.

We have a special prize for art teachers who assign the Art Dare to one of their classes.

During the month, we post your submissions on our Instagram, and on our Facebook page.

Art Prof December/January Art Dare:  "My 2016"    November Art Prof Art Dare    oct     Art Prof September Art Dare:  Charcoal Self-Portrait Drawing

ART PROF is a free, online educational platform for visual arts which provides equal access to art education for people of all ages and means.

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2 thoughts on “Art Dares

  1. Hello, im devin 26 years old and i just want to know how to find my painting style?because sometimes i just draw something i try so many styles but it didnt fit me for a long time… if you want to see my work on instagram @devindecun … and hope you cAn help me? Im just not satisfied with my result thank you

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