Crit Quad #1

By Clara Lieu

A few months ago, we did giveaways for a free audio critique pack, which allowed an artist to receive audio critiques from 4 of the Art Prof staff on one of their artworks. Today I cut a video which features all 4 critiques along with the painting. My video editing skills went from non-existent to “not terrible” in 2 months, so I’ll be creating videos for the other 3 artists who received an audio critique pack. Hope you enjoy this new format for these audio critiques!

Below is information on the critiques in the above video and the artist and their artwork.

Jeff Wrench
“Chelsea Rose”, acrylic paint on wallpaper and paint chips, 11″ x 17″

Critiques by: Lauryn Welch, Casey Roonan, Sara Bloem, Clara Lieu

“This painting is from an an ongoing series of portraits on wallpaper and paint chips, based on my snapshots or (in this case) photos provided by someone I’ve met online. I’m trying to paint intuitively and quickly. I am interested in rough, semi-abstract marks and colors that still converge into convincing and recognizable images. The found background is another source uncertainty in the process and opportunity for happy accidents. If successful, I think such an painting can ‘vibrate’ in the viewer’s mind, and maybe excite the imagination in ways that a realistic rendering would not.”

Jeff Wrench, Acrylic Painting

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