Art School Portfolios: Advice & Stories


Watch: Art School Portfolio advice from Catherine Huang

Art Prof has been keeping me busy.  Really busy.  What’s challenging is trying to keep all aspects of production going at the same time:  shooting footage, editing footage, and maintaining  Even though I have hours and hours of footage that has yet to be edited, I am still scheduling shoots regularly to continue creating new content. I always feel behind, but slowly I am creating a system for everything that is starting to become much more concrete and predictable than before.  That’s actually what is so time-consuming; when you produce something for the first time and there is no system in place that you can rely on!


Watch: Art School Portfolio advice from Annelise Yee

One upcoming video course that I am particularly excited about is about Art School Portfolios.  Hands down the top blog post here on my blog is an article that provides advice for what to include in an art school portfolio.  This video course will exponentially expand on the content in that post, and provide new content, such as the video testimonials from art school students on their experience preparing a portfolio.

The testimonials have been so much fun to shoot.  For some students speaking about their portfolio felt like a distant memory, while for others, it was very recently that they completed their portfolio. Every student has their own unique story, but pretty much across the board, it’s incredible how much frustration and lack of resources almost every student had preparing their portfolio.


Watch: Art School Portfolio advice from Julie Benbassat

The idea behind this art school portfolios course is to provide concrete advice and resources for students combined with personal stories and experiences. If you are preparing an art school portfolio, you don’t have to do it by yourself anymore!  I know that when I prepared my portfolio 23 years ago, I did everything entirely by myself.  It was a really isolating, miserable experience that I am hoping this course can spare some students from.

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November Art Dare Results are in!

Thanks to all of you who participated in the November Art Dare! We were thrilled to see all of the submissions and hope that you’ll participate in the December/January Art Dare.  Judges were Prof Clara Lieu, and Teaching Assistants Casey Roonan, Lauryn Welch, Yves-Olivier Mandereau, Annie Irwin, Alex Rowe, and Deepti Menon.

   square_Casey   square_Annie   square_Lauryn   square_yves   square_Alex   DM

Below are our prize winners!

Maya Sternberg, Honorable Mention


Elysha Tsai, Honorable Mention


Jieru Lin, Innovative Materials Prize


Wendy Duong, Composition Prize


Hyeji Kim, Form & Texture Prize


Emma Heyes, Process & Development Prize


Shelly Leroux, Art Teacher’s Prize
Victoria School for Performing and Visual Arts, Canada


Art Dare drawings by Shelly’s students below!

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