Final Crit

“My Poisonous Checklist”

“How To Brainstorm”

“I really do read my student course evaluations”

“How to ask for a letter of recommendation”

“RISD Pre-College Summer Program, 1993”

“Ask the Art Professor:
What should you include in an art portfolio for art school or college?”

“Ask the Art Professor:  What is the best way to practice my drawing skills?”

“Ask the Art Professor:  How do I find my own individual style?”

“How to be a good art teacher”

“How to be a good art student”

“What I’ve learned so far”


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    • Hi,
      Thank you very much for your quick reply, I’m a beginner and don’t exactly know from where to begin and so I’m extremely grateful for your help.I have read the article but I don’t quite understand what ”Start out by doing very simple, basic drawings that approximate the major forms of the skeleton” means , I’m sorry for the inconvenience but can you please if possible give an example.

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