Supporters: Artists

Victoria_Veedell  Gina_Perry

Ellen_Wong   Katy Doughty

Laura_Evans   Perris_McCracken

Judith_Black   Helen_Klebesadel

Ian_Kuali'i   Antoinette_Winters

gillian_lee_smith  Alla_Lazebnik  Stephen_Murphy  Jennifer_Layzer
Dmitri Zdorov  Eda_Soylu  Becca_rand  Kara_Cox
Lori_Field  Claire_Lordon  nicholas_dornellas  Marly Gallardo, Illustrator, Art Prof supporter
julie_benbassat  Kristen_Orr  Elizabeth_Yuan  Shane_T_Velez
kate_atherton  kai_lun_qu  Randal_Robins  Maya_Sternberg
Marc_Bohne  Carolyn_Dunford  Becky_Davis

Roger Richardson, Photographer
Lisa Pecore, Visual Artist
Robin Yoojin Rhee, VFX Artist & Digital Compositor
Deanna Fainelli
, Mixed Media Artist
Julia Rothman
, Illustrator  & Designer
Zoë Bae
Nicola Fields/Copper Harris
, Artist & Illustrator
Eloise Sherrid, Artist and Filmmaker
Hannah Antalek
Lydia Rink
, Sketchbook Artist
Annalisa Oswald
, Illustrator & Designer
Stephanie Tan, Furniture Designer
William Cassidy, Artist
Megan Farrell, Illustrator & Designer
Dana Famiglietti

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