Water: Reflections and Dissolve

When I was walking from work today I started thinking more specifically about this new Wading Series. I suppose that I was initially inspired by images that were associated with people specifically wading in water, but now I’m thinking that for the series to take off that perhaps that association is too specific. I am also considering the idea of losing the horizon of the body of water and concentrating the imagery more on simply the reflections created by the figures themselves. This could potentially transform the image so that the figures almost appear to be dissolving, rather than being absorbed by the water. I’m not sure of any of this, and I think in some ways its premature for me to be thinking about these concepts before I’ve actually sat down to do any of the work. I always find that ideas become much clearer and more concrete when I am making the work. I suppose what I’m trying to do right now is set a standard and expectation from myself to allow the work to address a much broader spectrum in terms of the subject matter.

Reference Image


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