Studio View

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about format for these portrait heads.  I knew that I didn’t want to do a traditional portrait bust (like the Romans did) so I started to play around with cropping the head in different ways. I had originally sculpted a neck for all of these head sketches, so it was easy to go in and simply cut the head in different places. The places I chose to crop the heads varies from piece to piece, which I like because it offers some variety so that the heads aren’t all the same height.  I’m trying to only show the neck when I feel that it really visually supports what’s going on in the facial expression.

The other issue I’m playing with is how to present the pieces: do they go on eye level pedestals or eye level shelves on the wall? It may seem a really long ways off before I should really have to think a out this, but so frequently I see people considering their bases last minute to the detriment of their work. Right now my instinct is free standing pedestals, as that allows for more access to all sides of the piece, as opposed to shelves on the wall which would hide the back of the piece.

Studio View


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