Printing editions


I gave myself two weeks to rest after installing my two solo exhibitions. Even so, I don’t feel quite ready to launch into making new work yet, I think I’m still mentally exhausted.  On the other hand, I don’t want to stop working altogether. Instead, I’m going to focus on printing editions of the mezzotints for the next few weeks. This task doesn’t require a lot of concentration on my part to do, but it will fill my time and it’s something I have to do at some point anyway.

Printing an edition is all about the technique, and you have to concentrate all of your energy into making perfectly clean, precisely identical prints.  You have to be really fussy about every little thing and not settle for less, even the slightest dot or fingerprint on the paper or image warrants doing another print. When I look back on editions I printed as a student, I’m appalled at how inconsistent my printing technique was. Nowadays I’m significantly pickier and I try to be an absolute perfectionist when printing an edition. The editions for these mezzotints are very small, just five prints, but the process of printing mezzotints is delicate enough that it’s still tedious. For the last edition I printed, I had to print 12 prints before I got five that I was pleased with.

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