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In my calendar, I have a bi-weekly task that shows up: “WP blog.” Yet week after week, I would get swamped under other work and I would delete that task. I’ve been doing that for far too long, so I am realizing that it’s time to move my blogging over to the Art Prof blog.

This blog won’t be going anywhere, all of the content will remain and I’ll continue to reply to any comments that people make here. I still get lots of traffic from people reading my Ask the Art Prof articles, as well as other posts so I think it’s worth keeping. For new posts, head over to the Art Prof blog.

I started this blog in 2006, that’s 14 years!!  I think I was hanging on because it felt bad to let go of something that has been a record of my artistic development for so long. But with at full speed right now, I’ve had to re-organize, consolidate, and take a closer look at how to make my content production more efficient.

Hope you’ll follow with me over at the Art Prof blog! Thanks for all of the years here on WordPress.


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