3 thoughts on “Critiques

      1. Hi Clara, i would like to know what you think of someone who visits many artist sites who show you tutorials, on how to paint “their way”. One shows a style that puts in swatches )pre-mixes) of color side by side first, then later blending them all together to create “form”. It makes perfect sense. But then, seems they all do and it’s so easy to get hung up and curse yourself because you ended up not following what they showed you. The local color is halftone just before turning into the shadows. The highlights are adding the next color up on the color wheel (usually cad.yellow) to brighten the color, then adding some white if needed. Same with darkening…adding Ultramarine blue or Umber.
        I’m sure many artist don’t even pay attention to such things and just paint. Sure, i understand these basic principles and follow them sort of sub-consiously, but if i do it how a artist shows it, I’m doing it in a very round about way.
        How do you have a passion to paint without having a passion to keep on searching for answers in other artists?

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