Two Sets of Crayon Drawings

I’m starting to get a little more clarity about where I want to take these crayon drawings in terms of shifting to a larger scale. I’ve started doing some 18″ x 6″ sketches as studies for some large scale, vertical crayon drawings. These vertical drawings will focus largely on 1-2 figure compositions, and allow for reflections in the water which have been extended to an unrealistic length. In many of my reference photographs, the reflections of the figures in the water actually end relatively quickly. Very few of these reflections actually extend as far as I take them in the drawings.

I see the final, large scale work as a pair of two sets: one set of tall, vertical drawings of 1-2 figures and one set of wide, horizontal drawings of as many figures as possible. I like the idea of pairing two sets of drawings together so that I can explore the figures from a different perspective because of the different formats. Also, because my work is so much about the group vs. the individual, I’m able to explore both concepts separately in the two sets of work, but within each drawing as well.

In terms of technique, these are the most “bare bones” type of work I’ve done in a long time. Both sculpture and printmaking are heavy duty processes in which the work is transformed multiple times, so that the original marks are almost never preserved in their original state. I see a lot of work being done right now in the art world that relies on a gimmick or the outrageousness of the materials as a means to carry the work. I like the idea of working in technique where everything is raw and exposed in its original state. With these crayon drawings, there is absolutely nowhere to hide; I can’t work a certain area and have the luxury of knowing how dramatically it will change later in the process. I’ll be forced to constantly confront the work as it is on a regular basis, and I won’t be able to rely on anything in the technical process to fall back on. I find it rather terrifying because the work is so immediate and naked. To me, that fear is a sign that I’m headed in the right direction.

Crayon Study XI

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