Art From the Native Soil: Opening Reception

Last week was an eventful one for us at the Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College; we installed the works for “Art From the Native Soil” on Monday and hosted an opening reception on Wednesday.The installation for this exhibition was tricky: there were 112 pieces total to choose from. We had to be sure to select enough works to fully represent the group of pieces but not so many as to overwhelm the gallery space. The other challenge was the fact that the vast majority of pieces were all different sizes, so getting the show installation to appear neat and cohesive required a lot of problem solving.

Art From the Native Soil

The opening reception was a wonderful event, and we were lucky enough to have a group from China visiting to see the exhibition here. Curator Feng Bin from the Sichuan Art Academy was present, along with peasant artist Li Chengzhi, whose paintings and prints are in the exhibition. We were thrilled to have Li Chengzhi do a printmaking demonstration the next day in the printshop during which we were able to see her technique which incorporated both relief and monotype techniques in a single image.

Opening Reception

Heping Liu, the Chair of the Art Department at Wellesley who worked to initiate and organize the exhibition also gave an informative lecture on the show during the opening.

Heping Liu and Li Chengzhi

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