The Next Stages

Now that my solo exhibition at Bromfield Gallery is complete, I’m taking some time to clear my head and to consider where I want the next stages of this project to go. After an intensive work period, I find that it’s necessary and important to give myself space to think about what I’ve accomplished so far, and how I next want to proceed. The most exciting aspect is that although I’ve worked on this project for 2 years now, I feel like I’m still just getting started, and there are many ideas and directions I’m eager to pursue.

Primarily, I’d like to get going on reading about isolation and loneliness, and also return to sculpture to create more references for future drawings. This summer I’d also like to get out to more bodies of water to shoot more rounds of reference photographs for new source materials. I’m almost certain that when I get back to the drawings that I want to create drawings that are extremely tall to allow for longer, more dramatic reflections in the water. I’ve noticed in my reference images that reflections in the water rarely extend to this kind of exaggerated distance, so I’m curious to see what kind of visual and conceptual results this may result in.

Digital Compositional Sketch
Digital Compositional Sketch with a very tall, vertical rectangle.

One thought on “The Next Stages

  1. I am so thankful that I happened upon your site, probably a year ago.
    I was looking for work that is inspiring. Your work definitely is. I find it refreshingly honest, insightful and well written. Your process is both intuitive and organized at the same time, and I love to watch it evolve.
    Thank you for your generous spirit and articulate words.
    I hope to get to one of your openings, someday, when I can get to the Boston area. I mentioned your excellent site in my blog and referenced it and a post on getting new ideas for your work.Twyla Tharp, in “The Creative Habit” has wonderful ideas along those lines and more, as well!

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