Format possibilities

I’m thinking about format possibilities today, in terms of how I want the self-portraits to relate to each other. My first thought was of creating a “mosaic” with the self-portraits, with each image cropped in to create a more claustrophobic and overwhelming effect.

Compositional Study

The other part of me wants to let the portraits breathe a little more and stand more on their own, so I also considered a sequential format that would read from left to right, reminiscent of an animation sequence.

Compositional Study


One thought on “Format possibilities

  1. Both ideas are pretty powerful. The contiguous image pod is claustrophobic and I find my eyes darting from face to face, considering the whole as more striking than the sum of its parts. The isolated series below invites a more prolonged contemplation of each image as a self contained entity. I think they are both very interesting presentations, but for different reasons.

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