Upcoming Solo Exhibition

I’ll be having a solo exhibition of these self-portraits at the Brown/RISD Hillel Gallery Project in March 2012.  It seems like a long way off, but when I think about the semester and what I need to do between now and then, there’s not too much more time that I’m going to be able to fit in long periods of work.  For this reason,  I’m starting to think more concretely of my work schedule and pacing for the upcoming year. This is a little ambitious, but I’m striving to have about thirty portraits complete by the end of the summer, knowing that my productivity during the semester is going to be reduced.

I visited the space today, and it’s a beautifully maintained space, 40 ft by 50 ft with 9.5 ft high ceilings. It’s located on the corner of Brown St. and Angell St., just up the street from the RISD campus. I’ve taught at RISD for several years now, and was completely unaware of this exhibition venue, so it’s wonderful to find this hidden gem on the Brown campus.  The gallery is run by RISD ’13 student Hannah Antalek (coincidentally, Hannah is a former student of mine) and Brown ’13 student Rachel Kay, who have done great work organizing and curating the exhibition schedule at the gallery.  The gallery features both curated student shows and professional exhibitions.

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