Studio View

Now that I’m finally deep in the trenches with the etching ink, I’ve started to question some of the choices I’ve been making. For example, I like the motion lines in the figure on the left hand side, but I don’t like the motion lines on the figure in the middle.  I wonder if it’s because the motion lines look too sparse and controlled?  Perhaps I need many more of them to make it feel more substantial? I’m not sure, I think I’m going to leave that figure alone for a little while so I can think about it.  It just feels too clean to me right now.

I struggled with the sketching of the figure on the right for a while, it’s a tough pose to fit into the shape of the Dura-Lar.  I must have redrawn it 8 or 9 times in vine charcoal. Looking at it now, the pose feels stiff to me and the feet are too small, so I will likely scrap it and start over again.


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