Drawing with Knives

This week I’ve been working in the drawing studio at Wellesley College; it’s spring break this week so I have the whole studio to myself.  I’m working on the fourth and final drawing, and also putting on the finishing touches and conducting a final evaluation these drawings as a group this entire week.  Stepping back and looking at these drawings from a distance has become very important so that I can scrutinize minor adjustments that need to get made.  I have a small space at home I work in, but getting distance on the work is impossible in that space.

I put in two long studio days yesterday and today which enabled me to nearly complete this fourth and final drawing. I started using an exacto-knife which offered more options in terms of scratching away at the Dura-Lar surface. The matt knife I’ve been using to scratch at the crayon is rather dull which allows me to remove the crayon in a more gradual manner.  The exacto-knife was much sharper and aggressive, giving me the ability to remove greater quantities of crayon more quickly.

Detail of a Drawing

In the above detail, you can more clearly see the different kinds of marks created by scratching away at the crayon surface. I like that up close, you can see black lines on white and also white lines on white between the direct crayon drawing and knife work.

Fourth Drawing, in progress


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