Installation Hardware


I’ve been wracking my brain like crazy for the past few days brainstorming various possibilities for how to install these digital prints. It’s definitely the most complex installation process I’ve ever done before, and I’m nervous for that reason. All of my other work was either tacked directly into the wall with small nails, or was framed so was easily hung up with a wire.

One of the issues I’m dealing with is the fact that the final pieces are fairly heavy, each one will be 48″ x 30″ mounted on 1/4″ plexiglass, and weighing about 15-20 lbs. I’ve been searching for hours online for just the right kind of hook that will hold up these pieces on the wall. I finally found a hook (see above photo) yesterday that was the perfect shape, so that the print can sit on the hooks and lean against the wall.  Then I saw the price: $80 each! I’m hanging 4 pieces in an upcoming show in March, and with each piece requiring 2 hooks, well, you do the math! I found another hook (see photo below) that was only $3 each, but it’s more of a J shape and the pieces I think wouldn’t sit quite as securely as they would with the hook seen above. Another option was to see if I could find someone to custom fabricate hooks for me, although given that I only have a month to do this that seems a little impractical. I’m going to talk to the museum preparator at the Davis Museum and see what he thinks about these various options.  Always helps to consult a professional in cases like this.



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