Reddit AMA #1 (Ask Me Anything) with the Art Prof

Clay Portrait Sculpture

Last night I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the subreddit /ArtCrit. Below are the questions people asked, and you can read the entire thread with my (very long) responses here.

“How did you sell your work when you were first starting out as an artist? I’d like to sell my work, but I don’t want to under price or overprice myself.”

“What does it take to get into RISD’s MFA program?”

“How important do you think painting classes and instructions are in regards with improving one’s skill? can one improve skill mainly through practice and self education? What would you suggest for a person who have not any formal visual art education but merely like sketching and painting?”

“What advice do you have for someone who wants to improve their art, that’s not ‘keep practicing?'”

“Are there any unusual art styles that you’ve come across in student artwork that stood out to you? What made them stand out?”

“As an art student currently studying painting, what is the most valuable piece of advice for a young artist looking to make a successful career from art?”

“What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being an art professor?”

“What would you say to those with the opinion that art cannot be taught?”

“Could you be happy teaching high school, middle school, or grade school art? Or, is there another way you would choose to make money if you weren’t a professor?”

“Did you ever doubt your decision to pursue art as a career? Or, did you ever have to decide between art and a career field that was a close second?”

“How do you make practice count?”

“How can we properly study from the old masters?”

“Is it more important to be extremely good at a certain aspect like landscapes, or focus on as many of them as possible? If so how?”

“Is the art world becoming highly competitive?”

“If we can’t get life drawing from a class/studio setting and live in a pretty barren wasteland/small town what would you suggest to practice?”

“Are there any living masters today?”

“In my country the art programs are not very good, so while I am studying, I also want to take matters into my own hands. Do you have any books or online classes you would recommend? Also, how do I know when I am ready to start showing my work?”

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