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Studio View

I had my first day working on the figure drawings in several months. I knew that I was dreading this transition back into the drawings because I procrastinated for about an hour cleaning up my studio before I got started. Getting started felt awkward, but I eventually pushed myself to keep going and just blocked out some very basic areas of tone. I kept the tone very light and minimal, once the etching ink touches the surface of the Dura-Lar, it’s pretty much permanent so building up slowly towards the darks is key in the process. I’m also focusing on how much emphasis to put on each figure.  Depending on the drawing, some figures will be very heavy and stark, whereas others will be more ghostly and muted. I am hoping this approach with increase the sense of transparency and depth in each drawing. 

Studio View

3 thoughts on “Back to drawing

  1. I love how you have multiple figures on the page. It works well, especially because you’ve got one dead center. The others really help to activate the space around the central figure. I really love this!

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